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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Orlando Science Schools is to prepare a diverse cross-section of children for success as students, workers, and citizens by providing them with a high-quality liberal arts, college preparatory education through creation of a school in which high standards, creativity, technological sophistication, high motivation, and accountability are the norm. The school aims to achieve lasting gains in students' academic performance while serving the diverse needs of all students



Vision Statement:

The Orlando Science Charter Schools’ student makes an active decision to be educated at our school because the student and his or her family desire a world-class liberal arts education in a safe, respectful, rigorous and goal-oriented environment that is driven by the expectation that all students are college-bound.



Core Values:

The core values embraced by OSS are Hope, Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Justice, Compassion, Integrity, and Wisdom.



Code of Conduct:

I am here to learn. Therefore I will:
Respect myself, others and the environment. Cooperate with all school personnel.Do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching, or keep anyone, including myself, from learning.