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EventDue Date
Science Fair Handbook goes home August
Proposal Form (Requires teacher’s approval) September
Research Question, Hypothesis and Background Research, Bibliography
Research Journal Check 1 (See Research Journal Rubric)
Experimental Design (Variables), Materials, Procedures and Methods of
Data Analysis, Research Journal Check 2 (See Research Journal Rubric)
Research Plan (Template will be provided) October
Required Forms (ALL Projects) October
Conduct your experiment upon Final Approval by your teacher Oct-Nov
Start turning Research Plan into a Research Paper November
Observations (qualitative and quantitative), Data (visual aids – graphs, charts),
Conclusions Applications and Future Recommendations
Research Journal Check 3 (Final - See Research Journal Rubric)
Research Journal, Research Paper, Abstract December
Display Board/Digital Presentation File December
Class Presentations December
OSS Annual Science Fair January
Ying Expo (Regionals) February
Ying Expo Award Ceremony February
Florida State Science and Engineering Fair (States) March
Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Nationals) May