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College Visits

college visits


There are 135 colleges in Florida, 78 public and 56 private, offering a wide range of programs and majors. Twelve of these universities are within the State University System. However, you have to choose just one of the Sunshine State's many colleges and universities. A campus visit is your opportunity to get a firsthand view of a college. To ease this selection process, Orlando Science Schools organize many college trips throughout your high school years. Here is why you should join us for the college visits:

Get Answers to Your Questions

A visit gives you the chance to talk to students, faculty, and financial aid and admission officers. You can get answers to important questions, including:

• What is the average class size and the student-to-faculty ratio? Are most classes taught by professors or by teaching assistants?

• What is the makeup of the current freshman class? Is the campus fairly diverse?

• What's the social scene like? What kinds of activities are available?

• Is there plenty of dorm space or is there a housing crunch?

• How many students are commuters and how many are campus residents?

Get Valuable Information

• Pick up any official college material you see, such as brochures and financial aid forms. Do not forget to get business cards, so you will have a real, live contact if you have a question about admission or financial aid.

• Student newspapers and activity calendars give you a sense of what campus life is really like. Check out bulletin boards to see what bands are coming to the campus, what parties are advertised, what internships are posted and generally what the day-to-day energy of the place is like.

Get Ready to Decide

Ultimately, it is your decision. Listen to your gut. Do you feel comfortable walking around campus? Do you feel at home? Do you click with the students and faculty? Is this what you imagined college to be like? Spending time on a campus helps you determine whether a college is a good fit. Use the checklist above for campus visits to remind yourself of everything you want to do once you get to campus. * (Source: http://www.finaid.org)