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Academic Support

Every day After School Tutoring

OSS offers tutoring each day of the week free of charge in each of the subject areas listed below. This is a wonderful opportunity for student’s to get extra help in subject areas they may need extra help. The Writer’s Studios is also open Tuesday-Thursday after school for students needing support with their writing needs.




Saturday Leadership Academy

OSS will have designated weekends for FSA and EOC practice and review sessions. Students are encouraged to attend these studies. Each week, instructors will focus on specific standards and students will have a chance to take several practice tests/quizzes in preparation for the upcoming FSA and EOC. Complimentary snacks will be offered to students between the first and second sessions and pizza will be given to the students who stay for the third sessions. In the Saturday Leadership Academy, the below courses will be offered.

• Grades 6–10 English Language Arts (Writing component in grades 6–10)

• Grades 6–8 Mathematics

• Algebra 1 End-of-Course Assessment

• Geometry End-of-Course Assessment

• Civics End-of-Course Assessment

• US History EOC

• NGSSS 8th Grade Science



 AP Studies

OSS offers AP Studies through Saturday Leadership Academy. With AP, students are able to experience the rigors of college-level studies while they still have the support of a high school environment. Orlando Science AP teachers will assist your students to develop and apply the skills, abilities, and content knowledge they will need later in college. Each week, instructors will cover curricular goals of varying subjects, and provide sample examination questions, focus on important standards and strands of each course.

If you would like to know more information about AP Test and Course details, please check out http://apcentral.collegeboard.com. OSS will allot designated weekends for AP Studies practice and review sessions. Students who are currently taking AP Courses are encouraged to attend these studies. Complimentary snacks will be offered to the students between sessions.

Students and parents may follow the weekly newsletter for the detailed information of these academic opportunities.