Dear Volunteer,

On behalf of Orlando Science School, we would like to thank you for inquiring about volunteering at the Orlando Science Schools! Our mission is to lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community. Volunteers play a huge role in supporting students, teachers, and schools.

We are excited to invite you to the new, interactive Volunteer Management System, which allows volunteers to sign up or renew accounts, and select their preferred volunteer service opportunity.

If you haven’t already, refer to the attached Sign Up Steps sheet to reactivate or create your ADDitions Volunteer Account for the 2020-2021 school year.

Once your account is Activated/Approved, you may search and request to participate in Opportunities at Orlando Science Schools

by following the steps below:

1. Log on to your ADDitions account: www.volunteers.ocps.net

2. Click “Search Opportunities” at the top of your account Dashboard

3. Select “Volunteers”

4. Enter the name of the school at which you are interested in volunteering and click “Search”

5. A list of available volunteer opportunities will appear. If you see one you would like to volunteer for, click “View Details.”

6. Review the tabs for the opportunity for additional information then click “Sign Up”

7. **IMPORTANT** By clicking “Sign Up” for an opportunity, you are not automatically approved to volunteer for that event. You have been REFERRED to that event and will be able to see that you have requested to participate from the “My Requests” section found at the top of your Dashboard.

a. Once your account has been reviewed and you have been approved to volunteer for an opportunity, you will be PLACED in that opportunity and will be able to see it in your “My Placements” section at the top of your Dashboard.

b. As long as the opportunity is showing up in your “My Placements,” you are authorized to volunteer for that event.
c When you arrive at the school to volunteer for your approved opportunity, please check-in at the front office to receive further instructions.

Thank you for your support!!