OSS Mission and Vision


The mission of Orlando Science Schools is to provide students with a well-rounded education with special emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Reading in the light of research based, proven and innovative instructional methods in a stimulating environment.”


The vision of Orlando Science Schools is to provide high standards of student achievement, and to provide college and career ready programs for its students to choose among diverse educational opportunities within the State of Florida’s public school system.

Orlando Science Schools will give parents and their students a choice of rigorous science, technology, engineering, math, and reading-focused programs in Orange County. This public charter school endeavors to provide its students with excellent leadership skills and the academic and social acumen they need for the best colleges in the Nation.

The purpose of Orlando Science Schools is to provide an intellectually nurturing learning environment; to enable its students to reach their maximum potential in all subject areas; and to provide a high quality school choice option to the community.

Every Orlando Science student will achieve their personal success and become a responsible and productive citizen of our community. Orlando Science will work collaboratively to ensure all students succeed. Placing the highest priority on high quality instruction will support consistent student achievement. Thus, all students will attain improved performance levels annually, as measured by county, state and national assessments.

To achieve its objectives, Orlando Science provides students with innovative college and career ready curricula. OSS uses a variety of student assessment methods and school climate surveys. It consistently participates in district and statewide assessment programs in order to evaluate the effectiveness of its teaching and learning processes and to improve the school environment. Assessment feedback contributes to improved student self-esteem, self-control, group process skills, and cooperative learning strategies. OSS has high expectations of its students both academically and socially. In addition, we aim to develop student awareness of local and community needs as well as an understanding of national and global issues.