Orlando Science School exercises Sibling Preference when processing enrollments.

Existing Students – for students currently enrolled with Orlando Science School, should the family wish for another sibling to begin attending the school, they provide that information on the annual Re-Enrollment form and complete the Online Application for the new student. Open seats will be offered first to waiting siblings then to students on the regular Waitlist.
Lottery Winners – for students who have been drawn in the Lottery, if they have siblings associated with their name, those siblings will either be place directly in an open seat for their respective grade, or placed on the Sibling Waitlist for that grade, depending on what is still open at the time they are drawn during the Lottery proceedings.
While we would like to enroll all siblings at the same time, it is sometimes not possible due to capacity restrictions for each grade. It may take a year or two before there is an opening in the school to enroll a Sibling.
**Please note this Sibling Policy is strictly reserved for siblings. Family members, friends, co-workers, etc. do not qualify for Sibling Preference. The only exception would be if Educational Guardianship has been awarded to the parent of an existing student for a student who is not a sibling.**