Do I have to submit an application for my student every year?

YES – Online Applications are valid only for the school year for which they were submitted.

How soon can I submit an application for next school year?

Online Applications open for the next school year on November 1st.

How soon can I submit an application for an incoming Kindergartener?

Students must meet the age requirements as outlined in Florida Statute. An online application should only be submitted for the school year when your student will be eligible.

Do I have to live in Orange County to apply?

Students who currently reside in Orange County will be given priority. Students residing outside of Orange County may still apply and will be considered for enrollment if we have not reached capacity and all in-county applicants have been offered spots.

I don’t currently live in Orange County but will be relocating there before the school year – can I still enroll my student?

Verification of Orange County residency is required as part of registration. The registrar may extend the deadline for submission of verification on a case-by-case basis with the deadline being no later than one month prior to the start of the school year.

What if one of my student’s gets drawn in the Lottery but the other doesn’t?

We enroll based on Sibling Preference so any siblings not drawn in the Lottery will be placed on a separate Waitlist ahead of the regular Waitlist. Since enrollment is based on available openings we cannot guarantee all siblings will be enrolled during the same school year.

My nephew/niece/cousin/etc. lives with us, are they given Sibling Preference?

Only siblings are given Sibling Preference unless official documentation of Educational Guardianship is provided.

What can I do to increase my student’s chances of getting enrolled?

We enroll based on a Lottery system to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to be selected regardless of any outside factors. The best way to increase your chances is to be sure and submit your student’s online application during the initial window between November and January each school year.

Can I tour the school before applying?

Open Houses are held each year on select dates in December and January. If selected for enrollment, a tour can be scheduled with the registrar prior to accepting/declining the spot.

Why haven’t I heard from the school? I submitted the Online Application for my student but haven’t heard anything from the school.

Once you submit the Online Application, you should receive a confirmation email asking you to verify your information. After that, no further communication will be received until your student is drawn in the Lottery or reached on the Waitlist.

Why wasn’t my student’s grade called in the Lottery?

The seats drawn during the Lottery are based on enrollment projections. For example, if all currently enrolled Grade 1 students indicate they plan to return for the following school year, there will be no drawing in the Lottery for Grade 2 since all seats will remain filled.

My student was drawn in the Lottery, now what?

Congratulations! You will receive an email from the registration department one week after the Lottery Drawing providing details on the next step in the registration process.

If I apply sooner, will my student be higher on the Waitlist?

No – the Waitlist is generated randomly so when an application was received does not affect where on the Waitlist a student is placed. However, applications received after the Online Application Window to be included in the Lottery Drawing will not be placed on a Waitlist until after all applications received during that Window have been offered spots.