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Super STEM Saturday!

Webstie 15 SECME Success

The SECME teams and STEM Fair winners showcased their talents at Super STEM Saturday.  The students worked very hard on their projects beforehand to prepare for the big day.  Orlando Science Schools had three Water Bottle Rocket teams, seven STEM Fair projects, two Essay and Vision Boards, one Poster, two Junior Solar Sprints teams, and two Mousetrap Car teams.  Many of the teams and students will also be showcasing their talent and projects at STEAM Night in January.  If you would like to volunteer for the SECME competitions during STEAM Night, please contact Mrs. Greene or Mrs. Trujillo. 

Final Results

1st Place Essay and Vision Board

1st Place Water Bottle Rockets

2nd Place Essay and Vision Board

3rd Place STEM Fair-STEM category

4th Place Junior Solar Sprint

Select students will be attending the SECME Regionals on February 15th to represent our school with in Essay and Vision Board and Water Bottle Rocket.  

Select students will be  attending the Energy Whiz national competition on April 25th

Select students will be showcasing their windmill STEM Fair project at the STEM Showcase at Barnes and Noble.

Super Stem Saturday

 Congratulations to all of the students that created reports, diagrams, and built the projects and then showcased their work at Super STEM Saturday!