MathCountsThe OSS MATHCOUNTS team placed 5th overall   in this year’s statewide MATHCOUNTS competition

 The OSS MATHCOUNTS team placed 5th overall in this year’s statewide MATHCOUNTS competition, which was held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. 

With a notable 10th place ranking (Alexandria Bias), each member of the all-girl team placed in the top 25 among all middle school mathletes in the state of Florida.

 If our mathletes continue to improve, they could be representing the state in next year’s national MATHCOUNTS competition. Congratulations to all mathletes for their great success.

The MATHCOUNTS Competition Series is the only competition program of its kind, with live, in-person events in all 50 states, as well as U.S. territories and schools worldwide through the U.S. Department of Defense and State Department. The Competition Series is ideal for students who have a talent and passion for math who need to be challenged. Students engage in exciting, "bee-style" contests in which they compete against and alongside other bright, motivated students. Students enrolled in the sixth, seventh or eighth grade are eligible to participate in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series. At the local, state and national level, students win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes every year.