OSS MuAlpha Theta LakeMaryThe first regional Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta competition of 2013 was held at Lake Mary High School on Saturday, January 19th. Our students again excelled with our Algebra 1 team taking first place and the geometry team finishing in 6th place in the Central Florida.

Individual Algebra 1 awards were earned by Wally Vargas who finished in 2nd place, Thomas Shea 6th place, Shehruz Khan 7th place, Ryan Le 8th place, and  Lance Jittan 11th place. Individual geometry awards were earned by Dominic Canora who finished in 13th place. Congratulations to all of our students who competed and we wish them good luck at the upcoming Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta Regional competition on February 2nd.(Suncoast Community High School)

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