On Saturday, February 11, OSS students participated in the Seminole County History Fair.  The students displayed a variety of projects and topics for this fair.

Students moving onto the state competition in April are: Justin Lugo, Megan Galeski, Raquel Guerrero, Carlos Barea, Silas Blinde, Bradley Fontaine, Kendra Melendez, Jacob Leonard, Michael England, Max May, Sam Dillon, Juan Valeriano, Chau-Ha Phan, Nilzaida Vasquez, Jarod Clark, Riley Belnap, Tristan Baldwin, Briana Moslow, Ana Rodriguez, Ishita Gupta, Wally Vargas-Rios, Sannmit Shinde, Mohammad Abdullah, Dilan Patel, Sienna Leyanna, and Jared Lewis.

Congratulations to everyone who attended the county competition!


There will be a short presentation about the Florida State History Fair on Tuesday, February 21st in the cafeteria at 3:40pm to celebrate the students’ achievements