We had an amazing Thanksgiving Break Camp at Lake Louisa! OSS students spent time with their friends and teachers at the CMP/ Science Olympiad Camp. Students studied SAT- Mathematics Reading and Vocabulary.



The 6th grade ladies were the winners of the Reading Contest. The Science Olympiad students also studied their events and enjoyed it a lot. They played board games together which inspired team spirit. The night ended with delicious BBQ cooked by Ms. Akin and Ms. Demir.

        On the second day of camp, the students made a camp fire and sang camp fire songs. The marshmallows were so delicious with chocolate after they had been roasted. On the same night, we had a chess tournament and Caleb Spence was the winner of the camp chess tournament receiving his prize from Mr. Akyalcin.

      On the last day of camp, the students played dodge ball with their teachers.  Students were totally psyched to play a game with their teachers. Both teams rocked! In the afternoon students, parents and teachers had a big family picnic. They all gathered and ate yummy BBQ cooked by Mr. Omay looking over scenic Lake Louisa. Students played on the beach while the food was being cooked. They all studied and had a wonderful time at camp!