OSS Math Team did a fantastic job at the OCCTM math competition on Saturday May 12 at Lake Nona. OSS Mathletes brought two trophies and received many more top placements.


Overall 6th grade Team 2nd place

Overall 8th grade Team 1st place


Cyphering Round:

6th grade team1st place

8th grade team 1st place


Relay Round:

6th grade team 1st place

7th grade team 2nd place

8th grade team 1st place


Problem Solving:

6th grade team 1st Place

7th grade team 3rd Place

8th grade team 1st Place



Annabel Zinn: 2nd Place among all 6th graders.

Carlos Barea: 2nd Place among all 8th graders.

Jimmy Wang: 3rd Place among all 7th graders.


Congratulations all the team members: 6th graders: Annabel Zinn, Wally Vargas, Tommy Shea, Shehruz 7th Graders: Jimmy Wang, Martin Granger, Caleb Spence, Erica Love 8th Graders: Carlos Barea, Reynardo Jittan, Danh Pham.