SFairOrlando Science Schools’ 8th Annual Science Fair!

Science fair is a great way for students to explore any interest they have in science.  Be it a Engineering Design, a Psychological Study, or a classic Research Experiment. Students are encouraged to expand their creativity to solve a problem in society. 

Forms can be found on our school site, and through the science teachers’ OSS connect. This year Orlando Science has the following changes:

Science fair is mandatory for the following grades, regardless of the courses they are in:

›  6th

›  7th

›  11th

›  12th

All other grades are to be doing history fair.  We do not wish to tax the students with both science fair and history fair.

Additionally our school science fair will be pushed back to January!  This will allow students not only Thanksgiving Break to work on it, but also Winter Break to finalize a perfect project.

Some important dates to note:

September 23rd, the research plan is due.  After this deadline, students will be prohibited from changing their experiments to something that involves surveys/people, biological hazards, or a vertebrate studies.  The forms will be due a week later.  Please get started on those!

October 17th, experimentation will begin upon approval. 

January 6th, class presentations.

January 18th, The School Science Fair!

If you have any questions please email Mr. Stampas


Science Fair Forms Flow Chart

OSS Science Fair Packet 2016-17

Science Fair Week 1

Science Fair Week 2

Science Fair Week 3

Science Fair Week 4