Article OSS welcomes Icelandic middle school studentsOur 8th grade Chemistry classes and OSS ambassadors proudly welcomed 34 International Icelandic middle school students this past Friday, May 11th. Landakots Skoli, a K-10th grade private school located in South Western Iceland,

researched Florida's top science schools and contacted us to schedule a visit! Both OSS and our visitors gave presentations about each country's culture and achievements. We learned that Iceland is number one in the Strong Man competitions, and you address others by using their first name, even the president! Mr. Demir lead a chemistry experiment involving aluminum in the cafeteria. The students were then released to Mr. Stampas' Biomedical and Mrs. Barea's Engineering classes. There the visitors were able to do hands on activities with OSS students. The day ended with the OSS and Icelandic students having lunch and exchanging gifts.