science fair
This year we had several of our student’s research and experiment from plant projects to chemistry projects. Ramsey Z's "The "C" In Chlorophyll", Ashna M's "Are Homemade Fruit Juices a Better Source of Electrolytes and Carbohydrates than Sports Drinks for Kids?"
, Michael T's "Environmental Effects on Chlorophyll Concentrations", and Peter P's project on "Format Discrimination Analysis of High-Resolution Audio Perceptual Evaluation" represented Orange county and the Ying Expo in this year's state science fair.
Over 1500 students in attendance, this collection of academics is the brightest in the state. In such a highly competitive environment our students were in their atmosphere, enjoying every moment of the professional interactions.
We are proud to announce that Peter won a special award! Ashna placed 3rd in her category! And Ramsey obtained the 1st place in the state of Florida! These brilliant students show a bright future for not just their success but also for our beautiful state! Congratulations to them all! Thank you to everyone that has helped them and others in this year's science and STEM fair. Good luck with your summer research!