Article 10 Colin Chaney resizedOSS Alumni, Class of 2017, Colin Chaney was featured in an article on the "redefinED" website this past Tuesday March 6th 2018. Colin who is now a freshmen at MIT credits Orlando Science Schools as a key factor on being accepted into MIT! Colin “suspects he wouldn’t have discovered his passion for engineering. He’s fairly certain he wouldn’t have learned to work as a member of a team and get comfortable with kids his age. And he’s positive he wouldn’t have landed at one of America’s most prestigious universities, 1,300 miles from home"

"His transformation hasn’t gone unnoticed by OSS founder Akin, who considers Colin the embodiment of the school’s philosophy: If students are offered the tools to succeed when they’re young, success will become second nature to them.

“We make sure that each student is given the opportunity to thrive,” said Akin, who prior to coming to OSS worked with the National Science Foundation and participated in various U.S. Department of Energy supported projects. “Our students are given access to all the knowledge that is out there.”

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