Article 3 RET resizedIn the summer of 2017, Mr. Stampas applied for a summer research experience for teachers, RET. This research fellowship allowed Mr. Stampas to work with UCF in developing computer vision application to medical science as well gear it towards a high school curriculum. Many highly competitive schools were there such as Lake Nona, Lake Highland, and Trinity Prep working on projects ranging from facial detection to self-driving car software.

Mr. Stampas was able to design programs that detected non-small cell lung cancer nodules in low dose CAT scans.

Accuracy can be improved, but on the program Mr. Stampas created had on average an 83% rate of successful diagnosis. This wonderful experience allowed him to incorporate the lessons learned to his students.

In the end of October, UCF members were able to engage students in the basics of computer detection, neural networks and their applications in AP Biology. Several students are currently taking the passion of computer vision and have added those elements of computer science to their science fair project. For more information about the experience please feel free to email Mr. Stampas.