science fair

We are pleased to announce this year's Orlando Science Orange County Regional Science Fair Winners! These students worked very hard and we are so proud of their great work! We would like to congratulate all of those who participated as well. Keep up the great work Orcas!

Middle School:

1st Place(Moving on to States)-Ashna M., Ramsey Z.

2nd Place-Brianna F., Zachary P., Tiffani G., Gabriella M.-V., Sara C., Akshat R, Sameena L., Alyssa.

3rd Place-Juliana D., Haley S., Emily D., Aydin B., Peter K., Joseph C., Landon D., Carter D.

4th Place- Aidan Q., Arteya M. Jacob C., Omer D. Alexander B.

High School:

1st Place(Moving on to States)-Peter P., Michael T.

2nd Place-Siyona M., Jaehyun A., Anthony L., Minh L., Harvick K., Sheel T., Maanya P., Amitha K., Harshitha U., Eliza C-G.

3rd Place-Joshua L., Donald N., Saad A., Saman K., Alexis D., Noah L. Hayden F., Salma B.

4th Place- Arlyne D., Meghan T.