Article 9 Chracter AwardStudents newCongratulations to our first recipients of the “Orca Character Awards”

“Outreach towards community”-History Department

Student: Jenny N. 10th grade

Jenny is a dedicated member of Key Club, a community outreach club, and makes sure to attend all their events.

She is also involved in the OSS school community as
the 10th grade representative and continues to play a big role in many community events throughout the year.

“Respect and compassion for all”- Math Department

Student: Ramyanaga N. 7th grade

Ramyanaga consistently participates in classroom discussions appropriately and is polite with classmates. Along with these qualities, she displays respect toward adults and staff members around campus. Her positive attitude spreads to other students daily.

“Celebrate diversity”- Connections Department

·Student: Jonathan J.7th grade

Jonathan helped tremendously on World Language Night and brought a dish from Brazil to share. He sang Portuguese and Turkish songs while also performing the Flamenco dance fromSpain at the event. Jonathan has previously helped with other events that allow him to share his culture with others as well.

Advocate for a safe learning Environment”-Science Department

Student: Alexis D.9th grade

Alexis is an active member of the Anti-Bullying Committee and designed the club t-shirt. She is also extremely polite and promotes a culture of respect.

“Strive for excellence within a stimulating environment”- English Department

·Student: Isaiah S. 7th grade

Isaiah is actively engaged with the material that he is learning in the classroom. He is eager to answer questions, participate in group activities, and to complete
his assignments. He takes the skills that he is learning and applies it to the real world. Isaiah contacted Kona Ice for our Relay for Life Fundraiser and communicated with administration, Mrs. Frunker, and the company to ensure that the school would have a successful fundraiser. He is part of the Anti-Bullying Committee and tries hard to make sure that no one feels left out. He is heavily involved with the Student Government Association as well. He uses his leadership skills effectively to help guide others and to foster a sense of community within his classroom and at school. He models this behavior in the classroom by working with other students in a friendly and helpful manner.