Clubs 003 resizedPlease be advised that the following signups are ONLY for students who will be attending the Lynx Lane Campus  for the 2017-2018 School Year. This is NOT for students in Grades K-7th who will be attending the Technology Drive Campuses.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Club Sign Ups. Below are the lists of clubs currently being offered for this school year. Please read club descriptions carefully and note grade levels before signing up, some clubs may be invitation only and will specify .If a club does not specify a specific grade level, it is open to ALL grade levels.

Please note that you will not be able to sign up for clubs that read "Invitation Only" they are listed to show you what days they take place. Please note that once a sign up button no longer appears it means that that particular club is full, there are currently only 25 spots available per club. If there is a low interest for a club, that club may no longer be offered. Some clubs may be added as well so please continue to check the sign up page below.  Please be aware you will not be able to sign up for a club until Friday August 11th 2017 at 7pm. Due to high volume students, staff members will NOT be permitted to enroll your students in a club so please plan accordingly.

Please note the following details regarding club status:


  • If a club notes in the description that  it is Invitation Only, it will read "Already Filled" this means they only students who are accepted to this club can attend. It reads  Already Filled so you are able to at least see that it is offered to  those accepted and when it takes place.
  • If  a club is listed as an athletic club such as basketball, flag football, soccer etc, it will also read "Already Filled". Please review more information in their descriptions regarding the sign up process for  each of those. They are not filled at this time, it is the only way we can list them on the website to show they are offered.