Article 3 Scrabble resizedScrabble is one of the world’s most famous board games, and surely the most popular word game of all time. There are many reasons for the popularity of this simple yet strategic game of words. Scrabble is a 2-4 player game where players try to achieve the highest overall score before the game ends. 7 Tiles are held secretly by each player at all times and are drawn from a bag originally containing 100 tiles. The tiles include each letter of the alphabet, some more than others, range in points (1-10) and are played on a 15x15 game board. Players continue to draw tiles until the bag is empty and one player clears their rack. Scrabble is a mentally stimulating game that builds a players vocabulary base. Although it is very simple to learn, it takes a lifetime to master. Various strategies and techniques are necessary for a player to be successful at a competitive level, or you could just brag to your friend how much better you are than them. This club is held in Mr. Murphy’s room (132) on Monday’s and is open to all grade levels!