PTCOSS Middle/High will host its 3rd Quarter Parent Teacher Conference Nights on Wednesday February 15th 2017 and Thursday February 16th 2017. Time slots will run 10 minutes in length in order to open up more time slots for each grade level. You may begin signing up for a time slot on Sunday February 5th 2017 at 8pm using the link found below.

Please note that OSS Middle/High Staff member are not permitted to sign up for time slots for you so please make arrangements, we will also not be accepting email or phone reservations.

If your desired grade level becomes full you will need to contact your student’s teachers in order to make other arrangements if you wish. We will not be making additional appointments for you. If these dates and or times do not work well for you please email your student’s teachers directly to make other arrangements, you will be able to find their information located on OSS Connect. Please contact Ms. Smith at

The link is as follows:


Wednesday February 15TH 2017

4:00PM to 6:00PM

Thursday February 16th 2017

4:30PM to 6:30PM


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