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Orlando Science Middle School mathletes participated in the 2020 Central Florida MathCounts Chapter Competition on February 29th at Lyman High School. Their hard work throughout the year paid off with their exceptional performance! Our team received

1st out of all schools, giving OSS the title of Central Florida champions for the 6th year in a row! Individuals won several awards, with 9 of our students placing in the top 20 out of all Central Florida mathletes. The school’s team (Omer D., Michelle L., Tarang G., Aditya N., & UP Aidan Q.) along with 2 individuals (Jaithra N. & Arielle G.) will be advancing to the state competition to represent our region. We are so proud of our students!

1st from individual rounds and 2nd overall - Omer D.

3rd place overall - Michelle L.

4th place overall - Jaithra N.

5th place overall - Arielle G.

6th place overall - Tarang G

8th place overall - Aidan Q.

11th place overall - Joshua O.

13th place overall - Aditya N.

14th place overall - Ishaan D

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