DukeTIPEach year Duke TIP hosts a state recognition ceremony to honor students currently in the 7th Grade Talent Search who meet the State level qualifying score criteria.

The ceremony is similar to a graduation ceremony—there is a keynote speaker and honorees are called on stage to receive a commemorative medal. This special award ceremony is held to bring families together so they can celebrate the outstanding achievement of 7th Grade Talent Search participants. Students qualify for recognition ceremonies based on ACT and SAT scores. Qualifying students receive invitations in April.

Rollins College will be hosting this year’s ceremony on Monday, May 9th. Ceremony typically last one hour and a half; however, sometimes they have a reception following the ceremony. Students have reserved or assigned seating, and families seat themselves on a first-come, first served basis. Please dress to be comfortable in relation to the weather and activities. You will be walking across a stage area to receive your award. There is always a wide range of clothing styles from dressy to casual, and we respect your decision about appropriate attire.

OSS would like to organize a trip to this ceremony. If you and your child would like to attend this event, please read and sign the attached consent form and then turn it in to Mr. Akyalcin by Friday, April 29th. Additionally, you need to reserve your spot in the recognition ceremony by following the directions on the invitation letter that you should receive by the end of April. For more details, please look at the consent form or the following links;


State Qualifying Levels

Students invited to a state ceremony meet at least one of the following criteria:

ACT English ≥ 21
ACT Math ≥ 21
ACT Reading ≥ 21
ACT Science ≥ 21
* Or with three of the four following scores English = 20, Math = 20, Reading = 20, Science = 20

SAT (administered through January 2016)
SAT Math ≥ 530
SAT Critical Reading ≥ 510
SAT Writing ≥ 500

Grand Qualifying Levels

Students invited to the grand ceremony must meet at least one of the following criteria:

ACT English ≥ 29
ACT Math ≥ 28
ACT Reading ≥ 30
ACT Science ≥ 27
ACT Composite ≥ 28

SAT (administered through January 2016)
SAT Math ≥ 680
SAT Critical Reading ≥650
SAT Writing ≥ 650
SAT Math + Critical Reading + Writing ≥ 1850


Permission Slip for Duke Tip Recognition Ceremony 2016 

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