Orlando Science Hosted its very first Scrabble Tournament Starting this past December. Students of all grades were welcome to participate and the turnout was great! 32 students of all grade levels entered this single-elimination competition, all trying to become the ultimate "word Master!" The tournament was hosted by Mr. Murphy, along with the help of the administration.


This contest was a very exciting and educational experience that allowed students to become engaged in word play with their friends and fellow classmates. As the tournament progresses through, so did the level of competition. Using a large bracket style "Leader Board", students were able to keep up with the match-up's while walking through the hallway and make their predictions as to who eventually be crowned the champion.

With several weeks of match-ups behind them, four competitors found themselves vying for the title. Jordan Ferrer, Reynardo Jittan, Sydney Cornell, and Lance Jittan battled it out as the final four, using the best words they possibly can. All of the competitors had a  fantastic time and played exceptionally well. Rounding out the top four:

4th place: Jordan Ferrer

3rd Place: Lance Jittan

2ns Place: Sydney Cornell

1st Place: Reynardo Jittan


Congratulations to all the competitors who participated, the tournament was a great success!