OSS Students were inducted as Future Physicist of Florida on Friday, November 16th. Florida State University hosted the induction ceremony at the Turnbull Conference Center. Professors from FSU and A&M recognized and honored 43 OSS Students.

Senator Gaetz delivered an outstanding speech to the young physicists while Dr. Weatherford and Dean Huckaba welcomed the inductees and their families and gave a presentation on their study in Cern. The purpose of the program is to guide the young talented students as they head towards their high school path, making sure they take the right courses and recognizing them for taking difficult college-prep classes, like Calculus, Physics and AP –IB Courses.

OSS Students visited the FSU Planetarium and learned a lot about stars, their factor in creating powerful explosions and how new stars are created every day, born of vast clouds of gas and dust. Students also visited FSU’s nuclear high magnetic field laboratory. In this Nuclear Lab, PhD students guided OSS students and explained in detail about their study and the background information of the lab. Students and parents learned a lot of new information about Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics. They had a chance to stop by the Gamma Cave where a super powerful heavy-ion beam routinely blasts atomic particles.

It was a great day for OSS students where they learned a lot of new things and became more involved in physics, enjoyed the FSU campus, experienced a nuclear lab visit and received certificates from Prof. Cottle and Dean Huckaba.