On Saturday May the 9th, Orlando Science Schools participated in the OCCTM County Math Tournament. The tournament included middle schools from all over Orange County.

Orlando Science took a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade team. The team members were:


6th grade: Mohamed El Hayani, Markus Zirkle, Zhi Wang, and Pranav Garg

7th grade: Reynardo Jittan, Taylor Ramsamy, and Edwin Cruz

8th grade: Jalen Wong and Jarod Clark


Each team competed in four different rounds. The first round was an individual exam. Pranav Garg and Reynardo Jittan scored the highest for their teams on this exam. The second round was Problem Solving. The teams worked together on ten critical thinking questions. The 8th grade team took second place in this round. The third round was the Relay questions. Teams had to depend on their other team mates to pass them the answer to complete the final question in less than 2 minutes. The last and final round was Technology. Each team member had to answer 2 questions and send them to the computer via remote. The 7th grade team place 3rd in this round.


To conclude the competition, there was an overall awards ceremony. The teams with the highest combined averages from all four rounds were recognized. The 6th grade team placed 3rd out of all the 6th grade teams!