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Summer Reading

Summer ReadingDear Parents/Students,

Summer reading has been a tradition of Orlando Science School since 2008. The summer is the perfect time for students to reap the many rewards of independent reading. As educators, we realize the importance of reading throughout the school year and would like to encourage reading during the summer as a way for students to maintain reading levels and skills they have acquired within the school year. More importantly, we hope that by encouraging independent reading, students will experience the many joys of reading and become lifelong readers and learners. As such, we have recommended book titles for summer reading that will appeal to a variety of student interests. Students entering kindergarten through 5 th grade are encouraged to read (or listen to) three books from one of the recommended lists and complete the Summer Reading Project. We encourage reading to your child, with your child, or simply letting your child read independently. The Orange County Public Library has many of these titles for checkout (some are available to borrow in digital format). Books may be borrowed from the library once you have an OCLS card. Students are responsible for these books and must have a library card to borrow the book. Students may read books not on the recommended reading list, however, be sure to choose a book that is appropriate, and yet challenging, for their age. If your student chooses to complete the project, the Summer Reading Project should be returned to the classroom teacher during the first week of school, August 12-16, 2019. Three books are required to complete the project, however there is not a maximum that can be submitted. There are multiple projects that students may pick from on the following pages. Any student who successfully completes the project will receive a prize for completing the project. (The assignment will not be calculated into their formal reading grade). We recommend the student taking the AR test on the books once the school year begins. Please check with the teacher to see when the AR period opens for the year. We strongly encourage students to read additional selections from the list to foster a life-long love of reading and invite them to wonder, imagine, and explore life’s endless possibilities. We would like to extend our appreciation to you for your anticipated cooperation in encouraging your children to read. Happy Reading! 

Project Choices for All Grades 

Parents may help, if needed.

After reading each book, complete one project from the list below:

•Project of your choice that is not listed

• Experiment that follows the scientific method that goes along with the book you read

• Invention that you created using the engineering process • Movie/Book Trailer using iMovie or a green screen app

• Presentation using an app or computer program (Popplet, Puppet Edu, Aurasma,

• Strip Design, Google Slides, Prezi, Stop Motion, Glogster, etc…)

• Board game that you created based on the book

• Traditional book report

Reading log (template found on the link below)

Reading Log Questions and Reading Responses for All Grades 

Parents may help write the answers, if needed.

1. Was there a problem in the story? What is it? How is it solved?

2. Who is the main character? Describe him/her using at least three adjectives.

3. The lesson I learned from this story was…

4. What advice would you give a particular character? Why?

5. In what ways are you like any of the characters in the book? Explain.

6. Summarize what you read. What were the most important events? Did you learn anything about the characters?

7. If you were the author, what would you change in the story? Why would you make that change?

8. Pretend you are interviewing the main character. What two questions would you ask them?