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Engineering and Biomedical

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Orlando Science School


Project Lead the Way

Orlando Science School started to implement Project Lead The Way Engineering and Biomedical program to 5th grade classes. OSS young learner will be exposed to incredible opportunities for high impact STEM learning experiences.

Robotics and Automation

Students explore the ways robots are used in today’s world and then design a mobile robot that can remove hazardous materials from a disaster site.

Robotics and Automation: Challenge

Students explore mechanical design and computer programming and design an automatic-guided vehicle to deliver supplies in a hospital.

Infection: Detection

Students explore the transmission of infection and run an experiment to help find ways to prevent the spread of illness.

Infection: Modeling and Simulation

Students investigate models and simulations and apply their knowledge to program a model that simulates the spread of infections.

PLTW Launch

Your K-5 students already have the qualities of great designers and innovators. What PLTW Launch does is tap into their exploratory nature, engage them in learning that feels like play, and encourage them to keep discovering – now and for years to come.

PLTW Launch’s 24 modules immerse students in hands-on activities, projects, and problems that build upon each other and relate to the world around them. The program creates an integrated learning experience, blending computer science, engineering, biomedical science, and more. Whether designing a car safety belt or building digital animations based on their own short stories, students engage in critical and creative thinking, build teamwork skills, and learn to try and try again when faced with challenges.

Throughout PLTW Launch, accompanying e-book stories featuring Angelina, Mylo, and Suzi capture students’ imaginations, encourage cross-disciplinary learning, and add relevance to the classroom. The program’s flexible 10-hour modules are designed with all the information and materials you need to bring lessons to life for your students and school.

A few of the hands-on challenges PLTW Launch students engage in:

  •  Designing a robot that delivers supplies at a hospital
  •  Constructing a rescue method for a trapped zoo animal
  •  Proposing methods to prevent the spread of illnesses
  •  Designing and developing a tablet game
  •  Creating a video or podcast to teach others about concussions