OSS clubs have been invited to take part in the festival too and were offered a chance to raise their own funds to sustain their clubs through an activity game tent and/or silent auction basket.

Clubs that choose to participate and have a game booth, they will supply their own game activity, and prizes and staff to work their tent. They will collect the amount it takes to play their game in .50 cent tickets. If game costs .50 cents then they will collect 1 ticket, if game costs $1 they will collect 2 tickets, etc.

If the club chooses to submit a silent auction basket, the amount that basket sells for will be the club’s money to keep.

Check back periodically for newly added Club Fundraising activities

Fundraising Game Tents To Date

HOSA – HOSA Pong, throw a ball and knock the pyramid of cans down

Elementary Band – Pop a Balloon Dart Game & Musical Note Fishing

High School Band – Ring Toss on the 2 liter bottle of Soda

Middle School Art Club and World Art– Place the face on Picasso

Competition Geometry Club – basketball throw

National Science Honors – suck up the Skittles

Ebru & Caligraphy Club – Ebru marbling pictures

PVO Elementary Club – Bobbing for donuts

High School Robotics – Instructional demonstration

International Club – TBD

Environmental Club – TBD

Media Club - TBD

Taekwondo Club – Spin the Wheel

Club Silent Auction Baskets To Date

High School PE

High School Band

High School Robotics

Elementary Band

Art Club & World Art

Face Painting